OEKO TEX is a universally recognised testing and certification system which reliably informs the consumer that textile products bearing this label are free from concentrations of harmful substances which could pose a risk to his health without having to compromise on functionality, care, properties or style.

The Company is OEKO TEX certified for COTTON as well as POLYESTER Fabrics.

STANDARDS - If there were no standards, we would soon notice. Standards make an enormous contribution to most aspects of our lives - although very often, that contribution is invisible. It is when there is an absence of standards, that their importance is brought home.

For example, as purchasers or users of products, we soon notice when they turn out to be poor quality, do not fit, are incompatible with equipment we already have, are unreliable or dangerous. When products meet our expectations, we tend to take this for granted. We are usually unaware of the role played by standards, in raising levels of quality, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability - as well as in providing such benefits at an economical cost.

ISO (International organisation for standarization) - is the world's largest developer of standards. Although ISO's principal activity is the development of technical standards, ISO standards also have important economic and social repercussions. ISO standards make a positive difference, not just to engineers and manufacturers for whom they solve basic problems in production and distribution, but to society as a whole.


As a part of its Social responsibility, the company is ISO 9001:2000 compliant.