Our History

Anunay, which means Discipline, is an important trait that is the foundation of our company and has led us to the road to success.

Founded in the year 1992, we’ve now reached the top and expanded our business from local market to global market. We were the first one to come up with an idea of Table Printed Bedsheets which were manufactured in early 90's and were an instant hit.

The success gave us confidence that we can build a company that beats our competitors and enter in International Market with an innovative concept. Anunay today is synonymous with a vast range of fabric products, not only in India but also overseas.

Over the years, we've spread our wings to different countries and specialised in different areas of synthetic fibre production and have come across reactions like “That’s Perfect", "How did you people come with such fine products?"

Setting up the benchmark in the textile industry, Anunay has woven together all quality threads that define innovation and structure. We are here to offer our customers with a wide range of products, consumer-oriented services and aspire to develop a long-term relationship with our clients and stakeholders. Over the years, the textile industry has witnessed a dramatic change by adding glamour, classy designs, modern machinery and infrastructure.

This dynamism motivated us to invest in infrastructure; workforce and innovation to produce the best fabric that defines the affluent lifestyle and competitive price range that people of every stratum of society can afford. Our range of products include- yarns, cotton polyester, microfibers, to name a few.