Everything is Managed

The management of the company rests with the second generation entrepreneurs, having hardly completed 4 decades in age, with hands on shop floor experience, enabling them to lead and guide the team in all aspects of the business. Whether it is production, quality control, marketing and systems development, implementation.

Assisting the management is an experienced and close knit team who has been with the company since the last more than 5 years.

The management believes and stands by QUALITATION & WORK PLACE DEMOCRACY. To make handling of business more interesting, encourages multi tasking among employees.


QUALITATION, coined by the management, symbolizing the back bone of all activities of the company.


Based on the interaction with customers from across the globe, it was clearly understood that the foundation of all business activities WAS, IS and WILL ALWAYS BE - QUALITY


The word quality does not only symbolize the quality of the product. It also covers the quality of service offered. Service is terms of feedback, communication.


REVOLUTION - The term revolution taken in the literal sense means " A SIGNIFICANT CHANGE TAKING PLACE OVER A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME". Keeping in mind the fact that tastes and requirements keep on changing at a very short notice, the management proposed the above coinage as the back bone of all activities.

Stress is given to quality of products, service and communication with adaptaility to change leading to positive significant changes taking place in the

  • Growth of the company
  • Growth of the customer base
  • Growth of markets
  • Growth of product range
  • Leading to the individual growth of the employees.

To achieve the desired level of QUALITATIVE OUTPUT and the adaptability to SIGNIFICANT CHANGES in the product designs / qualities / packaging delivered, it becomes mandatory that the employees undergo a continuous training process; similar to the continuous upgradation is being undertaken on the plant and machinery front.The work force contains a healthy mix of experienced hands from the industry and fresh out of college graduates where the freshers are guided on a daily basis, trained continuously in the intricate field of textiles, especially bed linen, and are allowed a free hand in handling their customer accounts.

Typical stages of the Qualitative Revolution implementation process include:

Pre - production
  • Brief - a descriptive breakdown of the order
  • Analysis - analysis of order
  • Specification - specifying requirements of a order
  • Problem solving - conceptualizing and documenting the solutions to any hitches
  • Presentation - presenting solutions to production and management
  • Development - continuation and improvement
  • Testing - self inspection
Post production feedback for future follow up and order execution
  • Implementation - Introducing the observations during the first 2 phases into the environment.
  • Evaluation & Conclusion - summary of process and results, including constructive criticism and suggestions for future improvements.

Redesign - any or all stages in the execution process repeated (with corrections made) at any time before, during, or after production.